wolf WORDS
by a barely functional human

about a wolf

senior framework hacker and tool builder

Full-stack software engineer with a front end focus. Functional programming fanatic. Built with open-source software.

I have led multiple teams of 4-8 developers, presented for groups of 50-100, and mentored more people than I can count. Software is an integral part of my daily life, both professionally and personally. I’m continually learning what’s new in my field, building solutions to all the problems I encounter, and enabling those around me to do the same.

I’m also a musician, photographer, and videographer interested in collaborating.



Purely functional, declarative web apps in JavaScript. Functional state management included. I keep the core library fast and started a pattern for effects that later became part of the core. I publish a library of FX that make it do useful stuff.


Simple unit testing for JavaScript using tests as data.


Zero dependency dev server with support for static content and JavaScript modules hosted from local files and unpkg.com.


Paltry creates and updates a portable development environment for recent Windows installs. You might want this if your account doesn’t have admin permissions, to avoid interfering with any software installed on the system, or to apply the best practices of DevOps to your development environment. Live in a paradise where setting up a new machine takes minutes instead of hours and keep it up-to-date just as quickly.